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Daffy Caramel Apple with Crunch, 12ct

Daffy Caramel Apple with Crunch, 12ct

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The original Daffy Caramel Apple with Crunch, was created in 1951.

Daffy Crunch is a proprietary sweet, slightly sweetened cereal based coating that does not contain nuts. Combined with our small batch caramel recipe, this timeless pairing of crunch and sweet has been thrilling customers, and frustrating competitors ever since.


  • This case contains a total of (12) Caramel Apples in (12) single packs
  • Daffy Caramel Apples have a net weight of 3oz and are about the size of a baseball
  • A variety of red and green apples from this seasons harvest are used to make Daffy Caramel Apples, and the apple type may vary by shipment
  • Please see our FAQ page for more info on product availability
  • All Apples are made to order, and ship within 3-4 business days from order date
  • If you live in a state where it will be above 80 degrees during shipping, we would recommend either waiting for a cooler window, or ordering with 2 day shipping so that caramel doesn't come off the product. If ever in doubt, feel free to Contact Us!


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