Event & Wedding Ordering FAQ

When placing an order for an event, please select the actual event date on the pop-up calendar.

Daffy Caramel Apple orders are scheduled by one of our staff to arrive a few days before the event date selected on the calendar to allow time for repackaging into cellophane, transporting to the event venue, delivering to catering staff, etc.

If the actual event date is not selected, the Apple order will be delivered too soon, or too late. Please DO NOT pad the event date to an earlier date. Apples are perishable and we ship for maximum freshness. Feel free to call or email us if any confusion.

Each year we produce Daffy Apples from late August until early November.

Local customers in the Denver Metro Area may contact us to discuss order pick-up starting in August. We may not be able to ship Caramel Apples until the third week of September depending on weather (temperature), as they are perishable. Please click here for more information on shipping.

We suggest event orders be placed 3-4 weeks in advance of the event date.

We will schedule your shipment to arrive approximately 2-3 days prior to the event date chosen for the order. Due to the perishable nature of Caramel Apples, we cannot schedule shipments to arrive more than a few days before your event.

We strongly suggest ordering 3 packs for your event or wedding.  

Caramel Apples come in their single or 3 pack retail packaging to help protect and keep them fresh. We are unable to custom package our Caramel Apples, however we do sell cellophane bags and clear plastic boxes to help display. By ordering 3 packs, the apples are easier to remove from the tray to place in your own package.

Planning an event or wedding not within Caramel Apple season?  

We also offer caramel apple kits and dipping caramel that are both easy to use, and shipped year round!

Planning Unfortunately, we are unable to ship Caramel Apples to Florida, Hawaii, or Alaska. 

If an order is placed to ship to one of these states, we will have to cancel. If there is any issue with having a billing address located in one of these states, but shipping to a different address, please contact us by phone to place an order.