Company History

Early Days

Daffy Apple was founded in Rock Island, Illinois in 1951 by George Leslie Smith. By 1953, Mr. Smith moved the company to Denver, Colorado where he began to set up a franchise system. Throughout this time, all apples were handmade - sticks were inserted one at a time with a device, and apples were hand dipped in caramel before being rolled through Daffy Crunch coating.

Product Growth Creates Daffy Farms

In the mid 1980s, Richard Schutt purchased the company before selling to his nephew Phillip Kellogg in 1995. Kellogg added specialty use and bulk caramel products under a new name “Daffy Farms” to help expand the product line and customer base to include other food service manufacturers.

A New Era

In 2022, Daffy Farms was rebranded to “Daffy” after being purchased by Grant Savage and Greg Slawson. As part of the rebrand, the website, logo, and company mascot were redesigned from scratch. Daffy expanded its product line to include "Daffy Taffy", and the overall business strategy was narrowed to focus on B2B caramel and taffy confectionary partnerships outside of caramel apple season.