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All Natural Dipping Caramel (6.5lbs)

All Natural Dipping Caramel (6.5lbs)

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Savor the goodness of our all-natural Daffy Apple Dipping Caramel, a delightful twist on our classic recipe.

Our updated version maintains the soft texture, glossy finish, and homemade taste that made our original caramel famous, now enhanced with the use of Non-GMO corn syrup and other natural ingredients. Its rich color and mouth-watering flavor ensure your apples or other homemade treats will be perfect every time!

Our all-natural dipping caramel provides enough caramel for about 50 small to medium size apples and comes in a microwave-safe container for your convenience. Treat your taste buds to the wholesome sweetness of our natural ingredients, and experience the taste of tradition reimagined!

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