Caramel Apple Kits

Daffy Farms Caramel Apple Kits include caramel, topping, and sticks and come in a variety of sizes. Plenty of supplies to make anywhere from 15 caramel apples to over 600! Daffy Farms Caramel Apple Kits are great for customers who want a special treat at a small party, or for a commercial operation looking for a easy way to add to caramel apples to their product line-up. Daffy Farms Caramel Apple Kits are cost effective, fun for parties, fundraisers, weddings, concessions, confectionery shops and so much more! Purchase apples at your local grocery store or farmers market and you are ready to go!

Caramel Apple Kit Tips

Daffy Apple uses apples that have a net weight of 3oz and are about 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 inches in diameter. The bagged apples in the produce section of the grocery store are usually this size. If you use larger apples, you will need more caramel. Kit sizes are estimates according to petite apple size.

We also sell Daffy Apple Traditional Caramel, Daffy Apple Red Candy Caramel and caramel apple sticks separately if you would like to make caramel apples without a topping.

If you need guidance, watch How to Make a Daffy Apple Caramel Apple on YouTube and review the Daffy Apple Caramel Heating Instructions.