A Fresh Look for a Classic Favorite: Daffy Apple Unveils New Apple Labels for our 70th Year Producing Colorado Caramel

Seventy years ago, a simple idea blossomed into something extraordinary. A commitment to quality and a love for sweet, crisp apples combined with gooey, rich caramel turned into the beloved Colorado tradition we know as Daffy Apple.

From our family to yours, we've had the pleasure of serving you for generations, and we're excited to keep this tradition going with a new look for a new era.

We've been using our beloved "Farmer Phil" logo for over 20 years now. An iconic figure in a straw hat, gazing at a bounty of big, red apples with a trusty truck in the background, Farmer Phil has become a symbol of our brand. His style, reminiscent of a charming children's cartoon illustration, has always reflected our playful and inviting approach to caramel apples.

farmer phil

But as we celebrate our 70th anniversary, we've decided it's time for a little change - nothing too drastic, just a touch of modern flair. We are incredibly excited to unveil our new apple labels, featuring a vibrant apple mascot with sunglasses.

Meet "Crisp," the newest member of the Daffy Apple family:

red caramel apple logo

traditional carmael apple labelpeanut caramel apple label

Crisp, pictured with his sunnies and while holding a ladder, brings a fresh and modern look to our brand while maintaining the playful spirit that Farmer Phil embodied. He represents not only our delicious apples but also our continuous effort to grow and adapt while keeping the core of our identity intact.

While we're freshening up our look, we assure you that our commitment to delivering the same taste that you've loved for generations remains unwavering. Our products continue to be made with the same delicious caramel and the freshest apples to bring a smile to your face, just like they did 70 years ago.

So, here's to the past 70 years of Daffy Apple, and to many more to come. And here's to Crisp - may he bring as much joy and happiness as Farmer Phil did. Join us on this exciting new chapter, and let's continue to create sweet memories together!

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