About Daffy Apple

Daffy Apple was founded in Rock Island, Illinois in 1951 by George Leslie Smith, who owned Prepackage Sales, Inc., the company the original Daffy Apple trademark was issued to.  By 1953, Mr. Smith had moved Daffy Apple to Denver, Colorado where he began to set up a Daffy Apple franchise system. Golden Creme Donut and Adam’s Syrup were two of the local companies who were Daffy Apple franchise operators in Denver during this time period.

In the late 1960s, Jim Hanifin of Orange County, California purchased a Daffy Apple franchise.  Mr. Hanifin was so successful with his branch of Daffy Apple that the founder of Daffy Apple, Mr. Smith, sold the entire Daffy Apple franchise system and rights to Mr. Hanifin.  Just a few years later, though, Daffy Apple was sold back to its founder, Mr. Smith.

Richard Bovey would be the next owner of Daffy Apple, after acquiring the company, franchise system, and rights to the trademark from the heirs of Mr. Smith in the early 1970s.  For over twenty years, Daffy Apples had been made and packaged by hand at all of the various franchise locations.  Sticks were inserted into apples one at a time with a stick inserting device and the skewered apples were then taken to a dipping machine where they were hand dipped in caramel and rolled through classic Daffy Apple Crunch coating.  This would all change when Mr. Bovey took over as he would go on to automate some of the labor intensive aspects of making caramel apples. 

Since 1995, Daffy Apple has been owned and operated by Phillip Kellogg of Denver, Colorado, who purchased the company from his uncle, Richard Schutt, the owner of Daffy Apple during the mid-1980s. Over the last 25 years Daffy Apple, under Phillip Kellogg has added specialty use caramel products and clean label caramel products to its line-up for use in manufacturing and food service.  Out of this array of products, the name Daffy Farms was born. Daffy Farms still sells the original Daffy Apple Caramel Apple, but now has room to grow with a name that better represents the company as a whole.